5 tips to get your workday started faster, more efficiently

(Author’s Note: This article is an exercise in repurposing previous material. I took the basic idea from my last article and expanded on its theme.) The day is war. Face your day prepared for #battle. That means having discipline, a regimen, gear in good shape and the most essential item in your kit, PopTarts┬«. NoContinue reading “5 tips to get your workday started faster, more efficiently”

Tips to Get Your Day Started Faster, More Efficiently

Starting your day stressed when you know it’s going to be a pressure cooker is no fun. Don’t go to work already in a bad mood because you left your house feeling rushed. Or you forgot something and had to come back for it. Or only realized you forgot something now that you are atContinue reading “Tips to Get Your Day Started Faster, More Efficiently”

3 Non Business Must-see Movies for Executives

Websites too often go for the hard sell when promoting films that deliver the site’s message. Or worse, nothing to sell but a cheap gimmick to get you to click through a slide show of images and worthless content. I am going to swing for the fences and give you three movies every executive needsContinue reading “3 Non Business Must-see Movies for Executives”

Can’t Dance The Limbo If There Isn’t A Tiki Bar

The moment you have a product AND a service or an assortment of products, you have to start thinking about how to connect those products and services together to serve your customers’ needs. To quote Kristen Baker from her article, ‘How to Build a Product Ecosystem Buyers Will Want to Be In’, you have toContinue reading “Can’t Dance The Limbo If There Isn’t A Tiki Bar”

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